Use FileZilla with WPEngine SFTP WordPress

• First and foremost, you need to prepare website running based WordPress platform. Then, you can select one of two options as below:

▪ Accept transfer

▪ Add site

• Create multiple environment (dev, stage and prod) in particular site that allow us easy to maintain and develop new feature.

Note: The Copy environment that help to sync and release from dev, stg to prod. Beside, WP Admin can access dashboard of Wordpress website. Use phpMyAdmin to access database where stored full content.

• Use SFTP users accessing root directory of the website.

From above configuration, you can download FileZilla client and do the following step:

SFTP Users:   sftp://flagtickdev.sftp.wpengine.com
Username  :   flagtick-vuongdev
Pass      :   #$dfsd3IDDF7893fs32
Port      :   2222

Or use available plugin from WP Engine.

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