Git Commands GIT

Initialize local git repository

git init

Add a particular file to a repository

git add README.md // Example: README.md file

Add all uncommitted files to the repository

git add . 

Add configure name and email for each commit

git config --global user.name lorence    // lorence
git config --global user.email [email protected] // [email protected]

Add message to your commit

git commit -m "Your first commit here"

Observe all history

git log

Add remote NAME/URL to local source

git remote add origin <URL>

Push your changes to remote repository

git push origin master // branch name: master

Clone any repository

git clone <URL>

Update the current working directory

git pull origin master // branch name: master

Check different in between commits

git diff HEAD~1 HEAD

Download files from any repository

git fetch origin master // branch name: master

Download files from all repositories

git fetch origin        // control name: origin

Create new branch

git branch -a <branch name>

Switch branch to another branch

git checkout <branch name>

Delete local branch

git branch -D <branch name>

Delete remote branch

git push origin --delete <branch name>

Merge branch A to branch B

git checkout B
git merge A

Push a branch locally to remote branch base specific branch name

git push -u <Remote URL> <branch-name>

Observe all branches

git branch -a
git branch --list

Observe uncommitted or committed file

git status

Revert your changes

git revert

Revert based on hash code

git revert <hash code>


git command -help
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