configure SAML 2.0 authentication AEM

• The Web console provides access to the SAML 2.0 Authentication Handler configuration called Adobe Granite SAML 2.0 Authentication Handler.

• How can we determine SAML assertions are signed and be encrypted?

  1. Go to http:/serveraddress:serverport/libs/granite/security/content/truststore.html 
  2. Press the Create TrustStore link
  3. Enter the password for the TrustStore and press Save.
  4. Click on Manage TrustStore.

Visit the website https://www.adobe.com/express/create/certificate to generate example and upload to ADD CERTIFICATION CER FILE section.

To visualize certificate file, you can download SSL certificate in link here. After that, carry out of submitting the .pem file and looks like this:

5. Upload the IdP certificate.

6. Take note of the certificate Alias. The alias is certalias___1677056599721 in the example below.

In addition, you can access link http://localhost:4502/libs/granite/security/content/useradmin.html and tab Keystore.

You need to login to do this manipulation!