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Obtaining the AEM Expert certificate showcases your proficiency and knowledge in developing solutions using Adobe Experience Manager. This achievement can open up new career opportunities, help you stand out during job interviews, and increase your chances of being selected for AEM-related projects or positions.

For course information, please refer to the following link:

I. Overview of Adobe Certification Exam

As the recommended title of this article, we have gathered some questions from real exams that closely resemble the one I recently took and passed (32/50 score). I am here to help you achieve your goal, and we will analyze the steps required to set up an exam and review each section individually, such as Configurations and AEM Development, Build and deployment, Environment maintenance.

First and foremost, you need to ensure that you have a valid Adobe account, regardless of your role or whether you are playing the role of an AEM developer for a specific AEM project. Please access the URL and navigate to Adobe Certmetrics.

The Scheduling tab is important for filtering Adobe certificates and setting up an examination schedule for a future date.

As you can see in the screenshot above, AD0-E134 will be available in 2024. By passing this exam, you will be recognized as an Adobe Experience Sites Developer Expert. Click on Examity - Proctored Exam (Online) to access the Examity website, where you can purchase and schedule the exam.

AD0-E134 Adobe Experience Manager Sites Developer Expert 	AD0-E134	Examity - Proctored Exam (Online)

In this case, we are selecting the AD0-E134 exam to demonstrate our competence and obtain the Adobe Experience Manager Expert Sites certification. Therefore, the content on the Examity website will mainly focus on this particular exam.

Click on the Make Appointment icon and select a date that is suitable for you in the calendar. Make sure to follow your time zone to ensure that you won't miss the appointment from your place.

Press the Schedule button to proceed to the Payment Information tab. Here, you will see the cost of the exam, and you can apply any voucher code you have or have been gifted to reduce the payment amount.

Click on the Next button, and navigate to the Confirmation tab. Here, you can provide your payment details, such as credit card information. After that, click on Review Your Order to successfully complete the payment and finalize your exam plan.

Note: If you don't feel ready or if you need more time to study and revise, you can use the Make Appointment option to reschedule the exam for another day. This will give you the opportunity to prepare better and gain the necessary knowledge before you take the exam.

II. AD0-E134 Free Exam Dumps Questions - Answers

First and foremost, let us determine how many years you have been working with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). Based on that, we can make a decision regarding the suitable AEM certification to pursue. This approach will not only accelerate your ability to pass the exam but also showcase your capability to work at that particular level.

The AD0-E134 exam will enable you to achieve the level of Adobe Certified Expert. By successfully passing this exam, your competence in AEM will be significantly enhanced, opening up opportunities for more advanced roles such as AEM Lead Developer, Senior AEM Developer, or AEM Consultant. This certification will strengthen your skills and demonstrate your expertise in developing the AEM platform.

To gain a rough understanding of the number of sections covered in AD0-E134, let us take a look at the actual score report for the exam.

As you can see, we have four sections: Configurations, AEM Development, Build and Deployment, and Environment Maintenance. In reality, the question dumps won't provide the exact and complete answers for each section. Therefore, it is essential to seek additional resources for revision and self-checking, as some questions may have incorrect answers.

Here is exam details

» Level: Expert (1-3 years of experience)

» Passing Score: 26/50

» Time: 100 minutes

» Delivery: Online proctored (requires camera access)

» Available languages: English

» Cost: $225 (global) / $150 (India)

» Exam ID: AD0-E134

The exam is divided into four sections. Below, you can find the details for each section:

Section 1: Configurations (22%)

» Identify the steps to create and manage AEM dispatcher configurations

» Determine the correct steps to configure multi-tenancy

» Explain how to create and manage OSGi configurations

» Given a scenario, determine the correct method to Create and manage custom OAK indices

» Determine the correct steps to configure OOTB SAML and LDAP integration

Section 2: AEM development (44%)

» Determine the correct steps to implement SPA structure, templates, and components

» Given a design, create custom components including the HTL, models, and services

» Determine the correct method to create unit tests and map mock data

» Given a scenario, determine the correct steps to develop workflows

» Given a scenario, determine the approach for any third-party integration

» Determine the approach to implement a headless or hybrid implementation

Section 3: Build and deployment (14%)

» Identify the steps to set-up and maintain front-end and back-end dependency management

» Determine the correct archetype when building projects

Section 4: Environment maintenance (22%)

» Given a scenario, determine the steps required to manage AEM environments

» Explain the setup steps around release management

» Recommend and implement solutions to sync content/configurations across AEM environments

» Determine the steps required around planning and implementing AEM upgrades and repository migration activities/tasks

III. AD0-E134 Exam Question Dumps - Online Udemy Course

This is the first time we are offering Udemy course that provides access to the AD0-E134 Question Dumps. By use this online resource, you can effectively review and prepare for the exam.

In our approach, we have chosen Practice Tests instead of making videos for the course. Hence, students simply need to go through each question and pick the right answer. Some questions might have more than one choice. At the end of each section, we will provide a detailed explanation for the correct option. Don't hesitate to check other sources and join discussions in the comments section.

Section 1: Configurations (22%)

The correct option for this question should be /apps. This choice is proposed by the following information:

» To override a node in /libs using CRXDE | Lite to demonstrate certain functionality, follow these steps: right-click on the node, and you will see the Override node option. This option enables you to move the node to the apps folder for customization.

» For more detailed information, you can refer to the official Adobe Experience Manager documentation:

Section 2: AEM development (44%)

Let us analyze the available options together to determine the correct one. For additional insights, you may visit the following URL: Here is an example that shows how to connect React component called Image with AEM component known as wknd-spa-react/components/image using the MapTo function. This helps integrate the React component smoothly into the AEM platform.

MapTo('wknd-spa-react/components/image')(Image, ImageEditConfig);

Therefore, the proposed correct option is MapTo('project/components/content/itemList')(ItemList,ItemListEditConfig).'

Section 3: Build and deployment (14%)

In practice, there are two methods to install the latest service pack on the publish instance. Here is an example:

1. Direct Upload on Publish:

» Access the CRX Package Manager on the publish instance by navigating to http://<publish_instance>:<port>/crx/packmgr/index.jsp.

» Choose Upload Package to upload the service pack (.jar) file directly to the publish instance.

2. Replication from Author:

» Alternatively, you can use the CRX Package Manager on the author instance to upload the service pack (.jar) file.

» Activate replication for the content path containing the package, ensuring it is synchronized from the author instance to the publish instance.

Therefore, the proposed correct option is Replicate from package manager of author instance.

Section 4: Environment maintenance (22%)

When discussing the Latest Service Pack Release Notes for Adobe Experience Manager, it encompasses a range of elements. These include new features, key customer-requested enhancements, bug fixes, and improvements in performance, stability, and security. These updates have been released since the initial availability of version 6.5 in April 2019.

For detailed information, you can refer to the official release notes at Inferred from the analysis above, the proposed option is Install service package updates from package share may be the right answer.

IV. Effective Strategies and Tips for Exam Success

Use Chat GPT to create quizzes and examine the key concepts from the official AEM documentation. This approach allows you to focus on the essential content of the guide, ensuring comprehensive coverage of all concepts. Subsequently, gather the necessary knowledge for more effective revising experience.

For example: When searching for AEM Development with OSGi Configurations as a keyword, you can refer to the official pages listed below:

  2. If you would like to explore how ChatGPT generates questions, please feel free to reach out to me via email at [email protected] for more information on the process.

Here is an example:

1. In the provided AEM script, how is a class declared as an OSGi component using the @Component annotation and specifying an interface for the OSGi service?
A. @Service(ExampleService.class) @Designate(ocd = ExampleServiceConfig.class) @Component
B. @Designate(ocd = ExampleServiceConfig.class) @Component @Service(ExampleService.class)
C. @Component(service = { ExampleService.class }) @Designate(ocd = ExampleServiceConfig.class)
D. @Service(ExampleService.class) @Component @Designate(ocd = ExampleServiceConfig.class)

2. In the AEM script provided, what is the purpose of the Config interface annotated with @ObjectClassDefinition?
A. It specifies the service interfaces implemented by the class.
B. It defines the metadata for the OSGi configuration of the ActivitiesImpl component.
C. It marks the class as an OSGi service component.
D. It declares the default values for the configuration properties.

Additionally, you can go through 50 questions, marking those quizzes for which you are confident in your answers. If you are uncertain about any questions, take the time to think deeply before making your choice.

In practice, it takes approximately 26 to 75 minutes to go through 50 questions. After completing the exam with confidence, you can completely submit your exam.

One important factor is your proficiency in the AEM platform or experience with digital experience platforms like AEM through undertaking projects involving the AEM platform. This implies that you should have a good understanding of the terminology, system design, and the workflow of web development using AEM.

Hence, we have designed a course focused on AEM available at here. The course includes fully built and set-up a project ranging from basic to advanced, incorporating system design principles suitable for large-scale projects.

The course is still in progress, with ongoing work to complete each section and unlock training opportunities in the near future. It involves the Adobe Cloud Platform and leverages AWS infrastructure. If you are a visitor with AEM development experience, you can use to query keywords related to AEM.

V. Conclusion

This article provides a thorough look at the Adobe AD0-E134 certification exam, providing insights into its structure and content. It includes free exam dumps questions and details about an online Udemy course, making it a helpful guide for those getting ready for the AD0-E134 exam. Feel free to share your feedback and questions in the comments section.

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